The turtle and the wine


Cellar “Tortoise shell”: A dialogue between nature, art and wine. A journey into a work of art related to the wine, authored by Arnaldo Pomodoro

During the summer wanderings, if you visit Italy, don’t skip Umbria, and pop in Montefalco: it’s worth it. You can visit a singular winery, that is unique. It will be an opportunity to buy a few bottles of Sagrantino di Montefalco, an extraordinary wine that supports aging.

Tenuta Castelbuono, 30 hectares in the municipalities of Bevagna and Montefalco, is part of the ambitious project of the Lunelli family, three generations at the helm of the Cantine Ferrari. Continue reading The turtle and the wine


Art & Lard

The “Lard Fortress” from Dârjiu, where wealth is measured in number of nails for hanging meat. Explanation: The church was converted into a refrigerator.


In Romania, in the region of Transylvania, there is a little town, or rather a village, called Dârjiu. It is inhabited by a majority of Hungarian speaking people: This is a normal thing in that region.
The village hides a treasure that has become in recent years a true tourist attraction. The Unitarian Church in the village is not only a UNESCO heritage but also… is home to hundreds of years of local food supplies. Continue reading Art & Lard


Food and corporate art


Once upon a time the Pontiffs, the Medicis, the d’Este,  the early Italian banks were exquisite patrons of the arts.Italy alone owns more than the half of the artistic patrimony of the world and 70% of it was created thanks to the Catholic Church, that encouraged and financed the artists. Without the Church, Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo were buried in the oblivion as unknown masons, wall house painters or obscure artists. Continue reading Food and corporate art