The art is food for the soul

DSC07167Catholic Film Festival

The International Catholic Film Festival, under the High Patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture, is open now. Please download the application form at: and send your film for evaluation.

Make people know more about faith through your film. Mirabile Dictu, International Catholic Film Festival arrives at its 7th edition and is a reference for the Catholic visual arts. Short films, Documentaries,  Motion films are accepted.

A film is a very powerful tool for evangelization.


The art of using the remains (Part I): A recipe

SALADE_BOEUFIn the nineteenth century a host of books was published on the subject of the use of the remains in the kitchen. Their content would be useful today to many, especially in the US, where there is a costume that scandalizes the Europeans: the “doggy bag”, the remains of a lunch or dinner taken away from the restaurant. Irreverent habit for a European, but that does not offend anyone in the United States.
Well, after the Christmas holidays, there are many remains in the fridge: it is as if we were facing a mountain of “doggy bags”.
So, do not let there these goodies, but learn the art of using them, offering them a second life. Continue reading The art of using the remains (Part I): A recipe


Restaurants as museums

Posted by Liana Marabini
la grottaA lot of restaurants host paintings, sculptures and other art objects. It is a beautiful way to help young artists to expose or to show ancient photos with celebrities.

I saw a place in Italy, in a beautiful area full of vineyards (Monagardino, in the province of Bologna) where there is an excellent restaurant, “La Grotta”. There you will find some of the most remarkable design objects, by authors like Meret Oppenheim, Giacomo Balla and Marcel Breuer.

Five generations of extraordinary restaurateurs, wonderful typical bolognese cuisine with some remarkable specialities as the “crescentine” with bolognese antipasti, tagliatelle with ragu, tortellini in brodo or the rice cake, simply divine.

Food that is art in itself.