Why people who get married promising each other eternal love (till death do us part …), come to divorce, sometimes in a stormy manner, with armies of well paid lawyers, with children tossed here and there, with tears, sweat and sometimes blood?

How is it possible to get to this, after the white flowers, the romantic words and the strong attraction between two people?

In what precise moment starts the way of no return, the inexorable descent into the underworld? How you could prevent it?

The answer, at least to me, is: by paying attention to each other. Never, ever, neglect your significant one. Keep the passion alive.


Find here some answers that can help the ladies to keep their man. These are are tips and recommendations arising from my personal experience and also from the observation of my surroundings. And they have all a common denominator: ENHANCE.

  1. Smile, smile, smile. Men do not like pouting women who complain for everything. A smile makes life easier and enhances your man.

2. Do not compare your man to the other men, in a negative way for him. Do the contrary.

3. Never speak with nostalgy about your ex. Never. This can produce an irreparable rupture in his soul.

4. Never create a coalition with your children against their father. The coalition must be always between you and your man. Remember that the children will go away and you will remain, grow old, and, if you are lucky, die with your man.

5. Make concessions. Don’t see that as a weakness. Renouncing at something in favor of the beloved one is an act of strength.

6. Prepare his favorite meals for him. Make him perceive life as a feast organized for him.

7. Don’t criticize his choices. Remember that he chose you.

8. Help him to realize his dreams.

9. Be sometimes a mother for him. Some other times a daughter, a sister, a friend.

10. Don’t aim to be equal with the men: it’s not big deal. Be a woman. He will admire you for that.

11. Valorize your man showing interest in his work. In our days, the greatest frustrations in the life of a man come from work. The challenges of the work produce anxiety, the feelings of inadequacy and complexes of inferiority that influence on the other spheres of his personal life. Help him to overcome the difficult moments.

12. Don’t obsess him with your jealousy. It is a wrong feeling, that harm you both.

13. Tell him “I love you”, every day. Caress him, every day. Make him feel the most important man on earth. Every day.