Any person experiments during his/her life the sensation to live in a cage.

It can be professional or personal matter, but the sensation is there: The impression of being caught in a situation that does not allow you to be free.

I have this impression since last year. In fact for one year and a half I didn’t write in this blog. I was ill. Malignant cancer. I had three surgeries, the cancer is gone with the extirpated organs, but I have to wait the canonical five years and check, check, check my health often. Medical exams, IRMs, oncological visits etc. etc.  For now things are all right. I hope they will continue to be fine. A cancer patient is never healed, we can talk about “remission” not “healing”.

The faith helped me a lot. When you have faith, you put yourself in God’s hands no matter what. He will take care of you. Prayers help a lot. My friends priests prayed for me, they celebrated Masses, I am enormously grateful to them all. My wonderful husband was by my side all the time. My sister was close and present. The family is important when you suffer.

For me this is the cage: this situation. The remission. An illness makes you feel like you are nailed and cannot go anywhere.

How I gilded the cage? Through work and charities. Helping the others, those who are less lucky than me. And working, working, working.
Work is a wonderful medicine for any illness.