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The Wedding at Cana, Veronese’s masterpiece

In the year 29, around April, Jesus Christ was invited to a wedding feast at Cana in Galilee, together with the disciples and his mother, Mary. During the feast he performed the first miracle of his public life: he changed water into wine. One of the most beautiful paintings that depict this episode is the large painting by Paolo Veronese, exhibited in the Louvre Museum Continue reading The Wedding at Cana, Veronese’s masterpiece



Kale varieties. Source of this photo: www.chowhound.com

Winter is the season of the brassicaceæ (the scientific name of kale & cabbage botanical family) dishes. Tasty, comfort meals, full of vitamins and minerals. They are better eaten in winter, their rich content “marries” better the needs of our organism.
There are some precautions to take when cooking them.
The first one: if we eat them raw, we must shred them and rub the shreds with coarse salt until soft. They will leave their vegetation water. Then wash the shredded cabbage, dry it with a clean linen and prepare it as you like. Cabbage salad is an excellent way to taste it (see recipe below).
The second one: when you cook them, combine some black pepper (whole grains), bacon and bay leaves. I share here with you an exquisite recipe of cabbage rolls with meat, a “must” in the Eastern Europe countries (in Romania they are a national dish and a Christmas favorite). Continue reading KALE & CABBAGE