An artist of courage

Roland Verant is only 35 years old. He is an Austrian photographer. He passed 42 days in one of the most dangerous zones of the world: Chernobyl.
Normally a no-go zone, the area around the destroyed nuclear reactor rarely sees tourists and visitors. But Verant has captured the eerie scenes where nearly 30 years ago the world’s worst nuclear disaster took place.
I saw the photos and they are impressive. Among unmade beds, abandoned meals and empty swimming pools covered in dust, that offer glimpses into the lives left behind, I was struck by two photos in particular.

In one of them we see a room that seems abandoned two days ago, where, on the shelves, there are still foods. The other one shows some jars in a laboratory, containing biological specimens. In one of them there is a fish. It is dead, but it seems strangely alive, in this universe of desolation, that is this ghost town, consumed by time.
The copyright of the photos belongs to Roland Verant.2ADF64CF00000578-0-image-a-41_1437996552325 2ADF644700000578-0-image-a-56_1437996611440


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